The billion Euro question for Paris – be green or not

Parisians are at a waste disposal crossroads. The city is deciding whether to sink a billion Euro to rebuild an incinerator plant, or go with more sustainable solutions backed by the government and Europe.

The decision is a no-brainer for campaign group Zero Waste France. It points to French and European statements against incineration, which undermines recycling, composting, repair and reuse drives. Industry is justifying the €1 billion rebuild on “ridiculously low” estimates for waste separation, well below government and EU targets. If rebuilt, the plant would last for 23 years and do nothing to improve Paris’ poor waste record, campaigners say.


Zero Waste France, itself Paris based, is calling on residents to make the case in a public consultation closing 25 June. It launched a social media drive to raise awareness. It is spearheaded by a video developed by EEB. This will be used in by 12 national groups in other European countries fighting similar plans.