Five green things to do during lockdown

If you are one of the millions in lockdown or quarantine, you need activities that keep you moving, thinking and doing. Here are some ideas that will cheer you up, rouse your creativity and help people and planet.

1. Be a whiz kid

Make your childhood dreams come true and become an intrepid researcher from the comfort of your home. Spot wild penguins like this one at :

Numerous scientific experiments and research initiatives are calling for help from citizens. You can help expand the sum of human knowledge by, for example, counting penguins and planets

2. Help people

The expressions of solidarity we have seen during the coronavirus crisis are heartwarming. Everyone can do their bit to help, such as by calling people who are alone or who might suffer from loneliness. Other options are available to people that are healthy and not at risk. For example, some countries have set up systems where volunteers can support health professionals to enable to carry out their vital lifesaving work. You can, for instance, register to babysit or go grocery shopping.

🇧🇪 Belgian initiative
🇫🇷 French initiative

3. DIY yoghurts, bread, jams…

If this is not the moment for you to dust off the bread machine you received for Christmas three years ago, I don’t know when is.

There is no shortage of food in the shops but if you want to take back control of what you eat and how it is made, use this quieter time to (re)discover all the things that you can do yourself. This is not only healthy but will also save on packaging, energy and money. 

You can try your hand at making bread, yoghurt (with or without a machine), jam, and for the more adventurous cheese, candles, clothes, soap, etc. If you are not sure how, there are plenty of tutorials available on social media and some experts are offering free webinars during this period of lockdown and social distancing.

4. Solo strike

The physical distance we must keep from each other does not mean we cannot engage in collective political action. For example, the weekly climate strikes are still taking place every Friday, but they have migrated to social media. 

Post a selfie of yourself at home holding up a banner or sign on social media. Here are some examples from EEB staff. 

5. Turn knowledge to power

For ages, you’ve been meaning to catch up on the latest environmental news and views but have not had the time. Now is the perfect time to catch up, and META is the perfect resource! Not only are our writers continuing to publish from their homes, our rich archives will keep you occupied for hours.

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