We are in (evergreen) love. Together with other lovebirds, power couples and reluctant swipers, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. The apple of our eye, the spark in our hearts? Always people and planet. This week, we explore how this union works for breathable air, participative democracy and new economic models. We are romantics but do not want you to waste your time—we tell you what policymaking decisions to keep around and the ones that might deserve a swipe left.💚  


UNBREAK MY HEART: Some might have you believe that the marriage between people and green policy is shaky. It is not, and this is a kind reminder to everyone that environmental rules are meant to support people as well as protect the planet. That’s why we are here!   

IT’S COMPLICATED: For example, environmental rules for agriculture are ultimately to the huge benefit of farmers. A focused approach to public investment is meant to help clean industry thrive in creating value and jobs. Relationships are complicated but our love for people and the planet is evergreen.  


MEET CUTE: Last Saturday, citizens from all over Europe came together in Brussels to discuss our shared green future. Some even travelled for more than 16 hours—a sign of true love for participative democracy. The first Citizens’ Deliberation event, organised by the EEB and REAL DEAL partners, brought people together to discuss and deliberate the future they see for Europe and our environmental ambitions. Meet some of the participants.  

FEELING INSPIRED? Register for the next deliberative event, this time to talk about a feminist green transition.  

SHARING THE LOVE: Ideas critical of endless economic growth are on the rise in Europe. After sparks flew on the first date (at last year’s Beyond Growth conference), at least five more conferences are planned. Politicians, academics and civil society will explore the need for transforming our economic system beyond growth at several national events. Find out how to get a date with a new economic model (that considers more than just GDP!). 

TE QUIERO, AR PURO: Love will take your breath away… but so will pollution. With polluted air, and proposed legislation that risks being delayed, Cupid’s natural environment is on the line. Our member Ecologistas en Acción hit this arrow on the target and reminded us that if love is in the air, in Madrid (and across Europe) it is toxic. Take a look at their action and read more in our META article below. 


MARRY: Maybe you thought they forgot, but the EU had a Valentine’s gift for consumers up its sleeve. The EU Parliament voted for stricter rules on green claims and labels, no hiding behind trade secrets and more voice to civil society. Even more, they decided on waste reduction targets and priority to waste prevention for textile production. Still, this doesn’t mean we forget about our food waste heartbreak—get the full overview  

: Businesses need to be held accountable when they abuse the environment and human rights, and the EU Sustainable Due Diligence Law is aimed to support communities to do so. 80% of people in Europe want it, but one man could derail it. Those with high hopes for this law (including UN Human Rights Commissioner Volker Turk) directed their Valentines tributes to German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to put the law back on track. Wouldn’t your Valentine’s chocolates taste sweeter if you could guarantee they were ethically produced? Learn more on the Justice is Everybody’s Business campaign pages. 

AVOID: We are staying away from bad dates as the EU is staying away from fiscal rules that work to fix our social and environmental issues. The current EU fiscal rules are too complex and based on outdated economic assumptions, but the proposed reforms under negotiation are not an improvement… As the negotiations between EU institutions are getting more serious, we hope this relationship turns into love and not austerity—here’s how. 


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