TIK TOK. 125 days into 2024, we have already reached the EU Overshoot Day. That means if everyone in the world consumed like Europeans, we would have exhausted the planet’s natural resources today. This is a clear SOS signal for a new European Green Deal – and for political leaders to put us on a green and just agenda that postpones EU Overshoot Day and protects people and the planet. 🌍

PERSONAL BEST. Even though the EU accounts for only 7% of the world’s population, we would need 3 planets to satisfy our demand if everyone on Earth lived like Europeans. Not exactly a record to be proud of. Despite the urgency, there is no clear plan to reverse this trend. Instead, European leaders chose to reduce Europe’s green ambition to two short lines in the draft strategic priorities for the next 5 years.

NOT ON OUR WATCH. Today 317 civil society organisations urge EU leaders to tackle the triple nature, climate and pollution crises after the upcoming European elections in June. In an open letter, they represent millions of citizens. They appeal to EU leaders to act before it’s too late by stepping up their environmental commitments for the generations to come, and for the current citizens and industries that already suffer the effects of the climate crisis.

A NEW PACT FOR OUR FUTURE. Our choices today shape the course of history. With a new political mandate in the EU on the horizon, we need an ambitious agenda — a beacon of hope that unlocks the potential for all citizens, communities, and sustainable businesses to lead a just transition towards a future where people thrive within the boundaries of our one healthy planet.

CHOOSE HOPE. We need a new European Pact for the Future, a new social and green deal for a one-planet economy that ensures a just transition for all. This is how we leave a legacy of a better world for generations to come. It’s a bold plan ready to be launched — stay tuned!


1 MAY. 
This week, we marked International Workers’ Day, a moment to consider how we can build a more just and green future for all. As environmental and cost-of-living crises escalate, it’s clear our current approach to work isn’t built to meet these challenges. It’s time to build a system that puts wellbeing, equality, and environmental protection first.

RETHINKING LABOR. To build a truly sustainable future, we must prioritise a worker-led Just Transition. This means putting those most affected by change at the heart of shaping a world where everyone thrives. We need to fundamentally redefine ‘work’ to include the vital labour that sustains us as a society and protects our planet.

BEYOND GROWTH. The current EU approach to work is narrow and outdated. It must expand beyond focusing solely on the green economy and decarbonising male-dominated sectors. A truly sustainable future requires us to recognise and value the contributions of everyone.  Implementing working time reduction and job guarantee schemes could be vital steps on this path. Civil society engagement, such as the Beyond Growth Conference, is essential for driving progress.


50 YEARS EEB. 2024 is an eventful year on many fronts. With European and many national elections in Europe and beyond, it will determine the future of our planet. But it’s also a special year for the EEB. We’re 50 years old, making us one of the oldest civil society networks active in EU policymaking. We have some pretty cool things planned, and we would love to celebrate our many milestones with you. Register now and join us in asking: What is Europe’s vision for 2024-2030 and what comes after the Green Deal?

MARK YOUR CALENDARS. With just one month until the European Elections on 9 June, it is more urgent than ever to get an idea of who to vote for. If you are unsure, our scoreboard is here to help you find out who was committed to protecting all things green, who chose to procrastinate, and whose regressive policies pushed us back to the prehistoric age.


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