The EU elections are crucial for our planet. With climate change accelerating and environmental challenges growing, your vote is more important than ever. By voting, you are standing up for nature, people and a prosperous future for all. This is our chance to push for policies that protect our environment and ensure a greener, more resilient Europe. Your vote can drive the change we need!   


GO VOTE! Now’s the time to act! Voting is your chance to shape the future. It’s about more than just casting a ballot—it’s about influencing policies, holding leaders accountable, and driving positive and meaningful change. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference! 

SIGN UP! In the run-up to the EU elections, we galvanised action with the European Pact for the Future, backed by a dynamic coalition of civil society, sustainable businesses and governments. This Pact sets out 12 demands for an ambitious agenda – to inspire hope, unlock opportunities, secure prosperity, promote competitive sustainability and ignite transformative change for a sustainable future. Join us! Sign the Pact, go out and vote for a future that’s truly sustainable. 


REALITY CHECK – Facts don’t lie: temperatures are skyrocketing, with a predicted 3˚C rise by 2050. Europe’s ecosystems are crumbling while pollution runs rampant. Without urgent action, our political leaders are failing us as our world literally burns. Climate change is turning Mother Nature into a nightmare landlord!  

What’s urgently needed? An agenda of hope. In other words, an ambitious Green and Social Deal that is fit for a one-planet economy and a sustainable future. 93% of EU citizens agree climate change is a dire issue and are already taking individual actions to support change. But these actions alone are not enough, and people are calling for meaningful and large-scale political backing. We need leaders to fight for this green agenda now!  

MISINFORMATION – However, foreign interference and disinformation campaigns are casting a shadow over the 2024 EU elections, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Disinformation undermines trust, fuels confusion and divides communities, creating chaos and jeopardising informed decision-making. Disinformation on climate change is gaining momentum and influencing the direction of the election. The vote is our shield – it’s time to act! So #BringYourGranny and make a difference! 


ACTION – An overwhelming 84% of EU citizens believe that EU environmental legislation is crucial for protecting their country’s environment. Meanwhile, 78% feel that environmental issues directly impact their daily life and health, and the same percentage wants the EU to take more action on water-related problems.

AMBITION – The answer to the triple crisis lies in a bold Green and Social Deal. We must prioritise a just, green transition towards climate neutrality, zero pollution, and flourishing nature in the upcoming political cycle. Addressing climate change, protecting nature, and reducing pollution are vital for security and deeply connected to the cost-of-living crisis, geopolitical stability, health, and migration.

ENERGY – Boosting EU competitiveness and building a resilient economy hinge on accelerating the green transition. Increased climate action can enhance Europe’s energy security. Clean energy spurred economic growth, creating 5.1 million jobs in 2020 and nearly a third of GDP growth in 2023. Renewable energy jobs nearly doubled globally in the last decade, reaching 13.7 million in 2022. By 2030, 204,000 new green jobs are projected in Europe due to Green Deal laws, especially in construction, with Spain, Italy, and France leading the gains. 

GOOD ADVICE – Still looking for guidance on who to support at the polls? Dive into our EU Scoreboard! It’s your tool for uncovering parties that support the Green Deal and stand up for the wellbeing of people and the planet. For example, you can see how the political groups in the European Parliament voted on reducing pesticide use. 

This weekend, call on the EU and its next political leaders to be at the forefront of the global ecological transition


AGENDA OF HOPE: The European Pact for the Future fosters hope and courage, opens opportunities, creates wellbeing for all, catalyses competitiveness through sustainability and drives the needed transformative system change for a sustainable future. It is a green and social deal fit for a one-planet economy. Sign it now!


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