Most products make green claims. Here’s how to cut through the greenwash.

With three out of four products making an environmental claim and greenwash a real problem, it can be hard to shop sustainably. Help is at hand.

Nearly 60,000 products and services now carry the EU Ecolabel, up from 35,000 a year ago.

Green groups say that while not perfect, labelled products need to stick to rules that do far more than just restrict harmful chemicals.

Durability, recyclability, energy efficiency and clean production are all covered and verified by government agencies. If you see the label, the product is usually in the top 20 percent most green.


To mark the 25th anniversary of the label, a series of free events is being organised in a giant bubble showroom in central Paris.

The events aim to raise the profile of the Ecolabel, which despite its rapid growth in recent years, is less well-known than national versions, like the Blue Angel or Nordic Swan.

Nine out of ten consumers believe that buying green can make a difference, according to official polling.

Supporters say that the EU Ecolabel is the best international tool for them to do just that.