Alex France

Public consultation on EU air quality protections ends Tuesday

A European Commission public consultation on the effectiveness of EU air pollution protections is set to close next week. Members of the public, environmental groups and other stakeholders have until Tuesday 31 July to complete an online questionnaire.

Click here to learn how to complete the consultation. 

With EU air quality rules are being breached on a continental scale, the European Commission has begun a ‘fitness check’ of the crucial EU laws that contain the protections.

The pollution limits set in the EU’s Ambient Air Quality Directives are currently exceeded in 130 cities in 23 countries, yet campaigners say the law has been successful in driving improves in urban air quality across Europe.

Margherita Tolotto, Air and Noise Policy Officer at the EEB urged citizens and green groups to respond to the consultation:

It’s important that we let the European Commission know that the Ambient Air Quality Directives are absolutely essential”

“People breathing toxic air across Europe count on EU protections to help them fight pollution and while the current laws are still being flouted, we still believe they are delivering on their key objective: cutting air pollution in the EU.

The questionnaire is available in all EU languages and the EEB has provided a three-step guide and various documents to support participation.

Tolotto added:

“We’re sorry to say that the questionnaire is not exactly user-friendly. But the good news is we have produced model answers and made some suggestions to help you take part in this process and have your voice heard!”

The consultation closes on Tuesday 31 July 2018, the EEB’s 3-step guide is available here.