Public participation, for whom? – META Podcast

Citizens and NGOs in the European Union have the right to take part in environmental decision-making. But are these rights truly respected across the EU? Find out in this week’s META Podcast.

Marie-Amélie Brun speaks with Francesca Carlsson, a legal officer at the European Environmental Bureau, about the challenges of public participation in Europe. Carlsson wrote an EEB report which sheds light on the challenges and difficulties that NGOs and citizens face when it comes to taking part in public participation processes on environmental matters.

In the EU, this right to participate is guaranteed by the Aarhus Convention, an international agreement that gives NGOs and citizens rights, in order to protect the environment.

However, a number of cases show that the space given to environmental groups is shrinking. Countries where limits are put on NGOs, include Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom.

Francesca answered Marie’s questions and explained the challenges that we face in the EU.