The EU elections are upon us! In the coming days, multiple EU countries will light up with demonstrations of support for using your vote to protect the environment, our health and our future. Are you in Brussels? Join us tomorrow! On the road to 6-9 June, one (tricky) word keeps popping up: competitiveness. Yet a competitive economy is not at odds with climate or environmental action. Quite the opposite. And it’s not just us saying so, but a very powerful financial institution. Even more, businesses are the latest to beat the drum of support for nature restoration! This is particularly important in times of threat for civil society on our continent.  


GO WHERE? In a week’s time, you will be able to decide the future of Europe. On 6-9 June, millions of citizens will cast their vote to elect the 720 members of the European Parliament and shape so much of how the EU works. Where are you voting? At the EEB office, we are going to the ballot from one end of Europe to the other, from the beaches of Portugal to the cities of Sweden. Wherever you are, your vote matters – so make sure to use it. Want to make sure your vote goes towards protecting the environment? We got you. 

GO WHY? There are a lot of important reasons to vote. Your electricity bills are too high? Vote. Want to breathe clean air? Vote. Care about well-produced food? Vote. The European Union has a tremendous impact on our daily lives, and we can see its effects all around, from Spain to Hungary. Voting is the best instrument to make sure good initiatives can keep on, and your voice can be heard – especially above extremist, right-wing voices polluting the public debate with disinformation.  

GO HOW? If the best moment to act was yesterday, the second best is today – and tomorrow and the day after. This weekend, 12 countries are taking to the streets all over Europe to demand action for climate, nature and social justice. If you are in Brussels, come say hi and show your support for the planet tomorrow, 1 June, from 13h at Pl. de l’Albertine. Don’t forget: we make the future!  

GO MAINSTREAM? Last night, ZDF, the German public broadcaster, used our EU Scoreboard to bring the receipts to a debate between top-level German politicians. In a reality where all candidates claim that they will “go to the end of the world and back” to ensure a livable future for their citizens, use the scoreboard to see for yourself who actually will. Our scoreboard tracks and visualises the voting behaviour of the political groups, and with it, you can see how our elected officials made use of their power to vote in the interest of the people and planet.


SAYS WHO? The International Monetary Fund said this week that EU climate action strengthens the economy. Meaning it’s not only an essential action to protect all of us and our planet, but also an economic advantage. This international institution reports that the EU’s triple climate policy (carbon pricing, energy efficiency, renewables) could enhance energy security and economic resilience by 8% by 2030. 

WE’RE JUST SAYING: A competitive Europe is only possible if taking into account climate, environmental and social aspects. Europe’s global strength lies in its trailblazing capacity rooted in robust social and environmental policies – we should not undermine this; we should build on it. Even more, backing off now would only increase the risk of being outpaced by others and diminish the EU’s global influence. It’s almost as if social and environmental concerns would benefit everyone… 👀 


EVERYBODY’S SAYING IT: The EU Green Deal’s Nature Restoration Law is stalled, which is frustrating – for everybody. European businesses are urging the Belgian EU Presidency to adopt the law by June, while science associations criticise EU leaders for undermining the environmental agenda. The law was blocked after Hungary withdrew its support although Austria could potentially break the deadlock. 

CRYING WOLF: The EU Commission’s proposal to downgrade the protection status of the wolf was also discussed behind closed doors by EU agriculture ministers on Monday. Besides nature protection being under the realm of environment ministers (not agriculture…), the closed-door policy makes us question if there were any valid arguments or science-based information under discussion. What happened to democratic process?   

WATER RULES: This week, our partners at PAN Europe published new findings on the extent of PFAS pollution in natural waters across the EU. The consequences of such pollution have been devastating both for people and aquatic ecosystems. Europeans are specifically demanding urgent action on water-related issues across the EU (78% want to see improved EU regulation to protect water in their country). Do you care about this issue and want to see solutions? Check out our pollution scoreboard to see which MEPs have been supporting change (and which have been blocking it…). 


SOLIDARITY WITH GEORGIA: We condemn in the strongest terms the Georgian government’s decision to overturn the president’s veto and pass the ‘foreign agent’ law. This legislation, requiring civil society organisations and media that receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as “organisations serving the interests of a foreign power,” echoes Russia’s repressive 2012 law and poses severe threats to freedom of expression and association. 

STANDING FOR WHAT’S RIGHT: This law not only undermines democratic values, but also endangers environmental advocacy, as many NGOs crucial in the fight for environmental protection and sustainability in Georgia rely on international support. We stand in solidarity with civil society organisations of Georgia, in particular, our members CENN, Center for Participation and Collaboration, and Green Alternative, whose important work protecting the environment is directly threatened by this development. We also stand in solidarity with the many brave citizens who have taken to the streets of Tbilisi in protest and faced violent crackdowns for defending not only their rights, but the future of democracy. 


AGENDA OF HOPE: The European Pact for the Future fosters hope and courage, opens opportunities, creates wellbeing for all, catalyses competitiveness through sustainability and drives the needed transformative system change for a sustainable future. It is a green and social deal fit for a one-planet economy. Sign it now!


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